CPM #1 before WYD Day

They answered the call of the pope, timid or resourceful, practicing or distant, baptized or not yet registered, or still undecided. This Saturday, January 28th, at the Raismes parish home, one hundred young people met to experience the first preparatory meeting before WYD!

Built in relaxation and spirituality mode, this meeting is an essential prelude to prepare for the great adventure of JMJ !

It’s time to meet and introduce yourself

The purpose of this Preparing for jmj meetings 1 6
Mary Payne and the Governor of Zilli
Mary Payne and the Governor of Zilli
Your first meeting is of course to get to know each other and be able to gather more information about the organization. to do this, Mary PayneAnd Zelie governor And Facilitators group They don’t skimp on communication and humor in a large group or in a “roadPractical information, routes, accommodations…

the organization

Each track is viewed in detail with the number of enrolled and the number of places remaining. Responsible persons and route organizers are introduced to the youth and the routes mentioned briefly.

Lourdes is the first phase of WYD. We leave north on July 19th at the end of the afternoon to arrive in Lourdes on July 20th in the morning. The entire 20th day is devoted to visiting the beautiful city of Marian. Then we spend the night in Cité Saint Pierre. The next day begins, July 21st different ways !

After that it is “everyone his way, all his way” until all roads meet on July 25th next to Santiago de Compostela (this is also where the road reaches Only Portugal). He spends the night in a religious community. And the next day, we will walk towards the cathedral, the last place of pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Then we will join the bus Parish of Vila Real.

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This is what was planned during the week of evangelization with the Diocese of Vila Real

July 26: Arrival in Chaves at the end of the day
July 27: Day with the host parishes
July 28: Deanship Day
July 29: Day in the Diocese
July 30: Family Day
July 31: Departure for Lisbon (passing by Fatima?)

Most young leaders have already tested WYD one or more And they have the heart to take charge so that other young people can live this resounding and often grounding experience of faith.

Preparing for jmj meetings 1 17 Pierre Alexis, Laure, Thomas and Father Theophanes
Route “El ultreïa, peregrinos de Deus, on the paths of Saint Jacques”
Route “El ultreïa, peregrinos de Deus, on the paths of Saint Jacques”
Preparing for jmj meetings 1 16 Nicodème, Héloïse, Father Eric
Tapas and servos route from Deus
Tapas route and servos of Deus
Preparing for jmj meetings 1 15 Louis and Don Emmanuel
Bicicletas de Deus: a bike route
Bicicletas de Deus: a bike route
Preparing for jmj meetings 1 13 Virginie and Ginoli
Vila de Dios Road, God asked to sail
Vila de Dios Road, God asked to sail
Preparing for jmj meetings 1 12 Sweet. Guillaume Marie Julien Maxence Romain Baptist
Cantores de Dios Road, Singing Road
Cantores de Dios Road, Singing Road

WYD spirit

again in a large group, Father Emmanuel Canart He encourages every young man to leave behind his comfortable security in order to live the logic of this pilgrimage to the best of his ability. To be open to divine providence and God’s surprises, and to allow Mary himself to guide him, this is what Father Emmanuel wishes for the youth. And for that, why don’t we start (re)reading Luke’s Gospel?

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Preparing for the jmj meeting 1 32 Preparing for the jmj meeting 1 32

Based on the verses of the great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, Father Emmanuel proposes that we reflect during the time of sharing what our lives have been like. Like the Portuguese, the great navigators, are we made for the ocean, great and endless or are we too often bathed in nostalgia or frustration?

“The Portuguese, fathers of the vast seas, ought to desire this: only the whole sea or its empty edges of foam that part. All or nothing.”

Certainly, let us count on Mary to help us choose the right direction, in which God is waiting for us!

The afternoon ends with tea, followed by the celebration of the Eucharist. In total, we count the day 129 registered. Registrations are still open. Only one road is full at the moment (Tapas Road).

To all registered young people, be missionaries in your turn by inviting as many people as possible to experience this great global gathering of Christian youth. Be a living herald of the good news to attract other young people.

The next preparatory meeting for World Day of the Day (WYD): Saturday the first of April! (this is not a joke)

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