Continue raising awareness about cervical cancer

Continue raising awareness about cervical cancer

The National Cancer Institute (INCa) launched Juin Vert Month in 2010, a month dedicated to cervical cancer prevention and awareness. During this period, several information and awareness initiatives will be rolled out across the territory.

Vaccination coverage is progressing, but still insufficient

On this occasion, Coralie Margolet from the IMAGYN patient association welcomes the political changes that have occurred regarding HPV vaccination.

Vaccination coverage has developed positively, especially thanks to the campaign in colleges. I remind you that the earlier the vaccination is done, the more effective it is, but vaccination remains recommended and reimbursed for girls and boys up to the age of 19 years. We are on the right track. Thus, vaccination coverage is expanding, and the situation is finally improving after years of stagnation. »

According to the latest figures issued by the French Public Health Authority, 44.7% of 16-year-old girls have received a full vaccination schedule. This remains a long way from the target of 80% coverage needed to eliminate cervical cancer before the end of this century. All stakeholders must therefore remain mobilized to respond to this public health emergency.

Untapped screening

Although there is a campaign dedicated to cervical cancer screening for ages 25 to 65, the number of women using it is still low.

The participation rate reaches only 58% in France.” Coralie Margolet identifies. There are several reasons for this “We have a real problem, which is the medical desert among gynecologists. Midwives can be an effective way to follow up, but they are exhausting. We are therefore campaigning for self-sampling, allowing women to undertake the screening test themselves. “.

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For Coralie Margolet, it is necessary to find solutions to improve the vaccination coverage rate and the use of testing. Cervical cancer still kills 1,100 women a year in France. Moreover, more than 30 thousand undergo interventions related to pre-cancerous lesions of the cervix, which are often disabling and can lead to obstetric risks, especially premature birth. »

HPV is responsible for other types of cancer*

Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are responsible for more than 3,100 cases of cervical cancer each year. but that is not all ! There are other types of cancer caused by HPV that affect both girls and boys.

This is the case for cancers of the anus, throat, and mouth, as well as the vulva, vagina, and penis*. In total, HPV is responsible for 6400 cases of anogenital and ENT cancers annually in our country.

A leading information society

IMAGYN will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary. Its mission is to inform, raise awareness and break taboos related to gynecological cancers. The association offers support and sharing spaces, a patient-run forum on Facebook, free yoga classes and sessions with a psychiatrist.

For more information about the IMAGYN Association, visit the website

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