Confidential documents: The FBI is looking for a secondary residence for Joe Biden

Confidential documents: The FBI is looking for a secondary residence for Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s personal lawyer announced that the federal police had undertaken to search the US President’s beach residence in Rehoboth (Delaware, east) on Wednesday, “in full cooperation” with the latter.

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In his press release, Bob Bauer specifies that this operation, led by the Department of Justice, was “planned,” and promises to communicate upon completion.

“For security and procedural reasons, (the FBI) ​​wanted to proceed with this procedure without prior public contact and we decided to cooperate,” he said.

Federal police had previously searched another home of Joe Biden in Delaware, located in Wilmington, looking for classified documents dating back to the 80-year-old Democrat’s previous roles as vice president and senator.

The chief often spent weekends either in Wilmington or, less regularly, in Rehoboth.

Since last November, a series of classified documents, the exact number and content of which remains unknown to this day, have been found either in an office occupied by Joe Biden in a Washington think tank, or in Wilmington’s home.

These documents date back to Joe Biden’s presidency (2009-2017) and three decades in the Senate, during which he dealt extensively with foreign policy.

The Justice Department has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the revelations, embarrassing for the Democratic president because they raise, despite many differences, the issue of official archives that his predecessor, Donald Trump, transferred to Florida.

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