Concern about Joe Biden’s life ‘pushed’ the White House to postpone his trip to Saudi Arabia

Concern about Joe Biden’s life ‘pushed’ the White House to postpone his trip to Saudi Arabia

Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, which should have been added to his recent trip to Europe, was delayed because White House officials feared the long trip would be “crazy” for a man of his age.

While aides cited “diplomatic” reasons for the delay, the New York Times reported that White House officials were trying to manage the 79-year-old president’s workload.

The combination of the two trips would have taken 10 days on the road, which, according to the newspaper, was considered unnecessarily stressful.

Biden said he plans to run in 2024, a health permit, which means he will be 86 when his second term ends.

Inevitably, Biden’s opponents have repeatedly tried to exploit the president’s clumsy and hesitant gait, and there was much talk of him falling off a bicycle while riding his bike in Delaware a few weeks ago.

But the president’s supporters pointed out that he was still able to cycle for an extended period of time, citing this as evidence of his physical condition, as well as his daily workouts with a coach.

But, as The Telegraph reported last month, there is growing concern among Democrats who worry about the prospect of an elderly president and fear the party will lose the White House if it runs.

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