Commemoration of Victory Day | Justin Trudeau supports the Russian presence

Commemoration of Victory Day |  Justin Trudeau supports the Russian presence

(Ottawa) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports France's decision to invite Russian officials to commemorate D-Day, despite his “strong disapproval” of the invasion of Ukraine.

“We will continue to stress our disagreement with Russia and the current regime, even as we recognize the work we all did together as allies to fight Nazism and liberate France and Europe during World War II,” Trudeau told reporters in Toronto. in French.

Justin Trudeau said Moscow must be held accountable for any violations of basic rules about respecting sovereign borders, and that his message to all Russian officials has always been the same.

“If the lines on the map could be redrawn by a neighboring country with a larger military, the period of stability we have seen since the end of World War II would end,” he said at a news conference on Thursday. “Prosperity and opportunity exist, not just for people in Western democracies, but in All over the world, you will be in danger.

Liberation Mission, the French government committee organizing the 80th anniversaryH Last week, he announced to European media that he had invited Russian officials. No invitation was extended to President Vladimir Putin, who has an international arrest warrant issued for war crimes linked to the forcible transfer of children from Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will attend the ceremony, as will Justin Trudeau and US President Joe Biden.

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Stephane Bergeron, the Bloc Québécois foreign affairs critic, predicted there would be “concern” during the celebrations, while Liberal MP John McKay said Mr. Trudeau should prepare a message to all the Russian officials he will meet.

“It has to be simple, it has to be direct, and Putin has to leave Ukraine now,” MacKay said.

The Russian Embassy in Ottawa and the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress were asked for comment, but did not provide an immediate response.

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