Chrome takes on the colors with these new customization options

Chrome’s default interface saddens you? Been there for a long time Themes in the Chrome Web Store to customize it. But Google decided to make the paint bucket even easier. With Chrome version 113 on desktop systems, customization options are included in the browser.

MacGeneration theme

On the new tab page, clicking the “Customize Chrome” button at the bottom right will open a panel with several tools. You can specify the colors that will be applied only to the Chrome frame or also within the new tab page. You can also choose any color by clicking on the eyedropper.

Other options are hidden behind the “Change Appearance” button. You can choose a theme with an image from the large selection offered by Google, or import one of your own. Remember, Apple allows you to do the same with Safari since version 14.

A very personal topic

It is possible to define different themes for each user profile, which is also a good idea to differentiate them better. Chrome’s default theme only adapts to macOS dark mode, while others don’t.

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