Choice in the age of neuroscience

Choice in the age of neuroscience

Free will is at stake

by Alfred R. Milli

Translated by Stephen Dunand from the English (United States)

Elliott Editions, 100 p.m., €11.80

In the past, the existence of free will seemed common. Since the development of neuroscience and social psychology, the validity of this concept – whose definition condenses the emphasis on the free determination of one’s will and the ability to act as one pleases – has become valid. It has become unclear, when it is not frankly denied by some scholars.

So the American philosopher Alfred R. Millie, a professor at Florida State University, investigated this sensitive but crucial question because it is the basis of any idea of ​​a moral life. In a very Anglo-Saxon style, combining the relaxation and agility of conversation with science, his book does not break into an abstract discussion, but does provide a nuanced discussion of the various scientific experiments that claim to prove the absence of free will.

humble free will

At the end of this transit, Alfred R. Meili advocates the existence of free will, but intends to define its field of action. He says that free will is only threatened if we set our ambitions on it. At an amazing height ‘, as do those who believe that free will It requires making conscious choices completely independent of prior brain activity. or it is “It requires not to be subject to any genetic and environmental constraints.”.

On the other hand, the philosopher asserts that there is a Humble Free Will, Depending on “The ability to make rational and informed decisions, and act accordingly” In a context in which the individual is not “Do not submit to undue hardship”. There is what he calls Ambitious Free Willwhich also implies a wide range of alternative options, it leaves the question open, but specifies that no scientific experiment has, as yet, concluded that this is impossible.

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