Chagni – Information meeting on the spread of the tiger mosquito on Tuesday, July 16 –

Chagni – Information meeting on the spread of the tiger mosquito on Tuesday, July 16 –

As part of the local health contract, the Pays Beaunois, City of Chagny, Regional Agency for Health and Health Promotion invites elected officials, technicians and professionals (tourism, catering, garden centers, etc.) and residents to a public information meeting on Tuesday, July 16, at 7 p.m., at the Chagny town hall.
The tiger mosquito has been present in the Pays Beaunois region since 2018 and has gradually and permanently established itself in the territory of the Beaunois urban community. The commune of Chagny has been classified by the regional health agency as colonized since 2022.
The colonization of the tiger mosquito has accelerated significantly over the past two years, due to particularly favorable climatic conditions. Given the tremendous speed of the tiger mosquito's spread, everything indicates that the entire area shared by the communities will be quickly affected.
A real scourge for the population in the summer, the presence of the tiger mosquito is subject to sanitary monitoring due to its epidemic potential and strong ability to cause nuisance.
In fact, the tiger mosquito, an invasive species, is a vector for viral diseases such as dengue, Zika and chikungunya. It inflicts numerous and painful unwanted bites on a daily basis, making outdoor life almost impossible for residents of colonized areas.
Combating the spread of tiger mosquitoes is everyone's responsibility, and everyone can develop effective means to combat them: local communities, residents, professionals, etc.

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