Cesária Évora in Bozar: A tender portrait of a dizzying ascent

Cesaria Évora left this world in 2011 and 4 years later, Stromae paid tribute to him in his song “Ave Cesaria”. I knew the great lady of song Fame at 50. But if the documentary is going to lead us to this crazy climb, Ana Sofia Fonseca takes time to stop. The struggle of the global star: His difficult childhood in an orphanage, decades of poverty, long periods of depression and his problems with alcohol.

And if his voice moved him from poverty to fame, Queen Morna has always wanted to be free without forgetting her roots. Fame and success never outweighed her originality. in title “Barefoot Diva,” who’s been on our minds since the release of her debut album in 1988, was finally one word too many.

His deeply mournful voice came “from his instinct, from his life, from his country,” as someone in the film explains. She brought light to her country, Cape Verde, when she became a national icon: singing in the Cape Verdean Creole language, and spreading the music of Morna (mixes Jazz, Latin sounds, Creole music, and Portuguese rhythms) and awaken public interest in the arid landscape and robust culture of this archipelago.

his fifth album Cesaria in 1995 brought him international recognition. The disc is a gold disc certified in France and named At the Grammy Awards. and in 2003she won this amorousAnd In the Best Contemporary World Music Album category for “Voz of love.”

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