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At the end of January, we told you about the studio A certain affinity would prepare an AAA project Directly inspired by the Monster Hunter games. Xbox certainly wants to enrich its catalog with great new titles likely to appeal to a wide audience, and Certain Affinity will actually be in charge of developing such a game.

Project Suerte: Codename for Microsoft Monster Hunter

So it was a Klobrille insider who brought the topic back to the table based on comments made during The last episode of GrubbSnaxView Jeff Group. This is not new, Microsoft is working on many different projects in order to enrich its proposals over the next few years and we have listed you All Xbox Studios And All Xbox Game Studios projects.

Jeff Grubb recently spoke about Monster Hunter that has been commissioned for Certain Affinity, so the latter will offer massive battles involving massive monsters and multiplayer gameplay. The game will be in development since the summer of 2020 and should be revealed in 2023 for a planned release in 2024. This timeline remains approximate and can be adjusted by then.

Klobrille supplemented this information by sharing a job offer published by Studio Certain Affinity for a specific job:

A certain Affinity company is looking for a Senior Graphics Engineer with “development experience on Xbox consoles”. The studio is rumored to be working on a new AAA IP with Monster Hunter-like XGS Publishing.

It remains to be seen if this AAA is planned as an Xbox exclusive given the point of honor being placed on the “Development experience on Xbox consoles”. A certain Affinity has been working in partnership with Xbox for a long time, especially on the Halo saga since the second opus. Anyway, it seems that the rumors shared a couple of months ago are already starting to clear up and we just have to wait for an official announcement which shouldn’t come before next year.

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