Catching tiger mosquitoes in Greater Lyon

Catching tiger mosquitoes in Greater Lyon

In partnership with scientists and health actors, DC is looking for one hundred volunteers to take part in a study on invasive species.

with a purpose “Better understand and identify this small but extremely harmful insect”, the metropolis launches Operation Mustamam for citizen science. And look for this “social and scientific experiments” One hundred volunteers.

They will be responsible for setting traps in their homes “without electricity” And “without pesticides”, dedicated to the capture of female tiger mosquitoes. The goal is “territory survey” Greater Lyon.

Ultimately, the goal is to map the presence of the insect from Southeast Asia in the region. But also to deepen knowledge of other mosquito species.

The capture of mosquitoes is planned for September

Participants will receive their traps at the beginning of September during an informational meeting. They will install it for 3 weeks, then put it back in October. Results will be announced in January 2024. To register, simply answer an on-site survey by 30 June Among the conditions: live in the metropolitan city of Lyon, spend time in September, be of legal age and have outdoor space. However, the city is located for those who hope to expel tiger mosquitoes from their homes “It is not an extermination campaign.”

Since May 1, the ARS has placed the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region under enhanced surveillance against the tiger mosquito and the diseases it spreads. In the metropolitan city of Lyon, an insect that has arrived in the area since 2012 is now affecting almost the entire population. At the district level, this phenomenon concerns 66% of the population.

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The tiger mosquito is an invasive species particularly harmful to humans, which reappears every spring and develops into fall. Very small, lively, black and white striped, silent, mainly stinging during the day. Their sting is painful and their presence is so oppressive that they end up discouraging residents from enjoying their outdoors.

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