Cadex launches new CADEX 50 Ultra wheels and CADEX Aero tubeless tires

Cadex launches new CADEX 50 Ultra wheels and CADEX Aero tubeless tires

TheThe CADEX 50 Ultra wheel is engineered for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, while providing control and stability in all conditions. With its 50mm air coil, lightweight carbon construction, carbon spokes and new R3-C40 rear axle, the CADEX 50 Ultra proves to be the fastest wheel in its class after a battery of tests. She has also proven herself at the top level by signing stage wins on the big rounds, led well by Simon Yates and Michael Matthews of Team BikeExchange-Jayco.

“What makes a steering wheel fast on the road is its ability to adapt to the different situations it may encounter,” says Jeff Schneider, Product Manager, CADEX Global. “In any race or road trip, cyclists can encounter uphills, slopes, fast flats, and tight turns, at the wheels or at the front of the pack.”

The CADEX 50 Ultra wheel is designed to take all of these factors into account, especially high-speed traction.
Weighing in at just 1,349 grams, it is among the lightest tires in its class. Thanks to technological advances such as the bladed air spokes and the new R3-C40 rear axle with 40-point clutches and ceramic bearings, CADEX has improved power transmission. The rim with an inner width of 22.4 mm can accommodate tires of a larger size, with excellent support. It is then possible to lower the tire pressure in order to improve handling and feel on the road.

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