C for you: Vincent Didin’s Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s Room After a New Fatal Error (ZAPTV)

On the last show of the season, on June 24, Anne Elizabeth Lemoine invited Vincent Didin and Nana Mouskouri to the filming location. It’s up to you. And perhaps she felt remorse when the comedian threw a spade at him after a fresh stammer.

It’s time for the season to come to an end for Anne Elizabeth Lemoine and her co-stars. While waiting for a new release, with a fun Zoé Bruneau signature tablet, It’s up to you It has been extended by several dozen minutes in this news-filled year. The deserving Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine, who was accused of beating her, sometimes felt exhausted on several occasions. Rounding out her guests’ names, uncontrollable laughter, and annoying blunders have earned her a reputation as a blunder. Philanthropic towards her columnists, the review chairwoman spilled the beans about the pregnancy of Emily Tran Nguyen, who nonetheless took precautions to conceal it.

Vincent Diden mocks his host’s speech

As a familiar viewer of the France 5 talk show, Vincent Didin knows this monster well. On Friday, June 24, the comedian passed by the guests, where he, accompanied by Nana Mouskouri, ensured the promotion of the film. I love Greece. An opportunity for a short lesson in the Hellenic language with one of its proud ambassadors. But Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is not Nikos Aliagas, and Philip Coelho’s companion, who was more at ease with the Portuguese, tore several words, as if she still had yoghurt in her mouth.

What the former Daily columnist failed to explain. “Do you have a degree, or something like that?”he threw at her, while the group patted themselves so as not to laugh at this string of stutters. “nothing” The person who approved the studies at the Sorbonne responded. “French has been acquired recently”added Vincent Didin, whose host would have liked to go to him and see himself among the Greeks.

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