Bruguieres. Free concerts in preparation for the party

Bruguieres.  Free concerts in preparation for the party

The local festival begins this Friday and lasts three days. At 9:30 pm the “Colombia” Orchestra and at 10 pm “Lucenzo” and “Collectif Métissé” in free concert.

Lucenzo has become a major artist on the worldwide Latin scene and one of the major players in the marketing of Kuduro as a mixture of sounds from Portuguese-speaking Africa (particularly Angola), Portuguese folklore, and Brazilian and electric sounds. In 2011, his track Danza Kuduro became the soundtrack for Fast and Furious 5.

In the face of our anxious times, a recipe according to their autobiography “Why wait for tomorrow that sings when the present can be sunny just by listening to an address from Collectif Métissé?” Topping the highest score on the stage of concert bands in France is the deep pride of these heirs of Cassave and Magic System. They are willing to do their best to stay there.

The next day, Saturday at 2:30 pm, the tri-ball competition “Jean Delpoe Challenge” organized by the Petanque Club. 9:30 pm: The Elixir Orchestra.

On Sundays, at 10:30 a.m., a mass and at 11:30 a.m. a wreath-laying at the war memorial is followed by an aperitif presented by the festival committee. From 6 pm to 11 pm, Orchestra “De Michel”. At 7 p.m., country demonstration, mussels and fries by reservation at Chabosi Jewelery Shop and the Manjon Butcher. In case of bad weather the evening is held in the Bascala Hall.

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