Brittany enters the epidemic phase

Brittany enters the epidemic phase

Five new regions, all in the western half of France, have entered the epidemic phase. These are Brittany, Baie de la Loire, Normandy, Center Val de Loire and Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This is what Thursday public health France.

In all age groups

Public Health France does not provide an exact figure for Brittany, but does specify that for the whole of the French capital region, in city medicine, the advisory rate for influenza-like illness was estimated at 88 per 100,000 inhabitants based on data from the Sentinels Network. Practically doubled within a week. This increase was observed in all age groups.

The rate is still lower than in past seasons, except for last year

Consultation rates for influenza-like illness and hospitalization rates currently remain lower than in previous seasons, with the exception of winter 2020/2021 during which strict compliance with barrier gestures allowed influenza to be almost completely prevented.

Vaccination coverage is slightly higher

Vaccination coverage estimates as of December 31, 2021 among those at-risk targeted for influenza vaccination indicated coverage as 51.4%, with 55.6% among those over 65 years of age and 33.2% among those under 65 years of age who are at risk for influenza. acute. This data indicates a slight increase over the estimated coverage as of December 31, 2019.

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