British army chief denies rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health

British Army Chief of Staff Admiral Tony Radakin on Sunday denied rumors about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health or possible assassination.

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“I think some comments about the fact that it [Poutine] “He’s not healthy or he ends up being killed, I think that’s just wishful thinking,” Radakin told the BBC on Friday in an interview published on Sunday.

Rumors about the health of Vladimir Putin, who will turn 70 in October, cannot be verified.

“As military professionals we see a relatively stable regime in Russia, President Putin has managed to stifle any opposition […] And no one at the top has the motivation to challenge him.”

Selon lui, «le défi que pose la Russie va durer» potentiellement pendant «des décennies en matière de menace», et le premier ministre qui succédera à Boris Johnson, démissionnaire, devra être plus conscient que la Russie est men » United kingdom.

Radkin told the BBC that the Ukrainian army was “absolutely” confident that it would win the war sparked by Russia’s invasion of the country in February.

According to estimates of the British Army, Russia “lost more than 30% of its ground combat effectiveness.”

“This means that 50,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded in this conflict, nearly 1,700 Russian tanks were destroyed, and nearly 4,000 Russian-owned armored vehicles were destroyed,” Radakin said.

The situation in Ukraine will dominate the military calculations of the future prime minister, who will replace Boris Johnson in September. Then we will have to remind the Prime Minister of the extraordinary responsibility he has for the United Kingdom as a nuclear power.

Mr Radkin was also asked about a BBC investigation, which this week revealed that commandos from the Special Air Service (SAS), Britain’s special forces, had killed at least 54 people in suspicious circumstances in Afghanistan, facts their superiors kept hidden.

Military police have already established that “did not happen,” but they will reconsider if new concrete evidence emerges, Radakin said.

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