Bridgetek releases new sensors and actuators to simplify enterprise IoT implementation

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SingaporeAnd the June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/- Bridgetech Pte Ltd It introduces a new set of sensors and actuators to improve productivity, consistency of quality and output as well as employee utilization, and to ensure efficient use of resources. Applications include industrial controls, smart agriculture, marine aquaculture, smart offices, laboratory instruments, and parking lots, among others.

Sensors and actuators are designed to work together on a common network known as the long distance sensing bus (LDSBus). This greatly simplifies wiring by using standard connections and distributing power to connected devices. It also removes the complexity of interconnecting various devices, protocols, networks, and software, allowing them to work together seamlessly. All sensor data and actuator commands on the LDSBus are relayed to and from the IoTPortal gateway through the proprietary Bridgetek IoTPortal gateways.

The main features of Bridgetek LDSBus are:

  • Easy to install: LDSBus CAT5 / 5e cable with RJ45 connectors carries data and power
  • Flexibility: LDSBus connections are serial using HVT junctions. Each HVT junction has four RJ12 ports for sensor/actuator modules
  • long distance: Each bus can extend up to 200 meters in each direction from the gate
  • easy step: No software experience necessary to configure the system
  • Ease of use: All sensors and actuators can be monitored and controlled from the same intuitive app and the same dashboard
  • efficiencyAlerts via email, SMS and push notifications eliminate the need to constantly monitor data and free up employees for other tasks
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Business owners and employees can log into the system, both locally and remotely, through a smartphone app and browser-based dashboard, and receive alerts and notifications. The intuitive, user-friendly interface reduces the learning curve while providing easy system configuration without the need for code development.

The adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow as more industries realize the benefits it brings. Along with technological advancement, IoT systems are also evolving with ease of installation, which opens the door to many users who have not traditionally thought of smart solutions, as well as existing users.

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Bridgetek Pte Ltd introduces a new range of sensors and actuators to improve productivity, consistency of quality and output as well as employee utilization, and to ensure efficient use of resources. The…

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