Breath of the Wild’s shot defies the laws of physics and understanding

Breath of the Wild's shot defies the laws of physics and understanding

Even in 2021, The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of the Wild It is the gift that keeps on giving. Today we have one of the most prominent players of the game, someone, Showcasing a trick shot so amazing, it took extensive planning and measurements to get exactly the right image.

In the video above, the footage begins with Niko over some rubble, shooting an arrow out of the window. This is soon followed by a “BTB” (time point bounce) trick, which allows Link to bounce off Bokoblin’s head to gain enormous speed and distance. In turn, Link is shown tearing the air at a pace that allows him to actually see the arrow sliding through the air.

On its own, this looks impressive enough – it’s almost like Link tracking a shooting star. But the real scene takes place later, when it is revealed that the arrow was, all along, a target. Near the end of the clip, the arrow finally reaches its destination and destroys a guard with one blow.

The rest of the video goes on to describe how Neko got it right in the first place. Using tricks like Moon Leap, which allows Link to gain altitude, along with a sliding mini-game – which measures distance – Neko figured out exactly where the arrow should be placed. The arrow has traveled a whopping 1,400 meters, roughly The entire map.

If this sounds cool to you, it might be helpful to check some Other trick punches for this daring playerWhich offer new ways to kill guardians. I also highly recommend following BOTW Trick-hunter feeds on Twitter, as they post exploits in progress leading to these larger and more complex exhibits.

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