Blizzard Entertainment is preparing two expansions for Diablo IV

Blizzard Entertainment is preparing two expansions for Diablo IV

Currently in the works within Blizzard Entertainment, two expansions will solidify the Diablo IV lore over the next few years.

During an interview with the American media, Kinda Funny Games, regarding the future of Diablo IVRod Ferguson Blizzard Entertainment It was mentioned that two expansions have already been developed to complement the player’s experience within Sanctuary:

As I’m talking to you, we’ve launched the main game and are finishing up the first season. We’re also working on a second season as well as the first expansion. Finally, a second expansion is on the way as well.

Thus, fans of the popular hack’n slash game will have new content for the next few years, and Blizzard Entertainment considers Diablo IV to be a game of the future. They want to make sure that the game will retain players and plan to do so by releasing both seasons with various new features and new expansions that add new locations in addition to the original missions.

There is no date yet for the Diablo IV expansions

Players likely won’t see an expansion for Diablo IV until mid-2024 at the earliest. Previous games in the Blizzard Entertainment series have always featured significant lags between launch and DLC release. So after releasing Diablo II, Blizzard waited an entire year before releasing the Lords of Destruction expansion. With Diablo III, Blizzard made fans wait just under two years before releasing the Reaper of Souls expansion. So it’s likely that fans will have to wait a while before discovering a possible expansion for Diablo IV. Also, with the game adopting a seasonal model, it’s not certain that the content and battle passes will be enough to keep them busy for months.

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