Big new things coming for Halo Inifinite… and a little disappointment

Big new things coming for Halo Inifinite… and a little disappointment

A major update for Halo Infinite will be released on November 8, and franchise developer studio 343 Industries has announced large parts of it.

Featured Image: 343 Industries

Everything was announced during a presentation that lasted about thirty minutes, and can be heard below.

In terms of good news, let’s first call the implementation of the Forge mode, where players can unleash their imagination by building their own content, and of course sharing it.

Furthermore, to prove what players can do with this new mode, two multiplayer maps, created entirely in Forge, will also be integrated into the update.

Another highly anticipated positive point, the campaign mode can be played online with friends. The possibility of addressing this new option will be offered across platforms, among others, with the sharing of progress and new goals to be achieved.

Now, on the disappointment side, note that 343 Industries has put a crossover on the project to integrate the co-op mode with the split screen.

It’s a shame, because it would have added character to the gaming experience…but given the other new features coming, it could be the lesser of two evils, depending on taste.

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