Biden should give up running, it’s urgent!

Biden should give up running, it’s urgent!

In the Washington Post Yesterday, guest writer Steven Eisenberg said Biden should announce as soon as possible that he will not run again. Yes, it is urgent. In my opinion, announcing his retirement is probably the only way to save his party from disaster in the November midterm elections.

At 79 years old, he is already the oldest president in US history. Among Democrats (out of pity for Biden?), we dare not say it publicly. No doubt his age will be used by Republicans this fall. This is a major concern for voters surveyed.

The truth is that no one wants it for 2024: neither Democratic or independent voters nor the elected officials of his party. Referendum The New York Times/ Siena College reveals that 64% of Democrats would prefer someone else to run in 2024: 33% say it’s because of their age, compared to 32% who are dissatisfied with the way they do their jobs. Among Democrats under 30, 94% want a candidate other than Biden.

If he decides to run again, the poll The New York Times He still suggests the fight will be tight: Biden 44%, versus Trump’s 41%. Such a margin will not necessarily guarantee his electoral victory.

Pessimism of American voters

Three-quarters of American voters are extremely pessimistic about the future of their country. It includes all age groups, of all racial or ethnic origins, rural as well as urban. The United States is going through one of the darkest times in its history. The rise of the neo-fascist Trumpian right threatens the foundations of their democracy.

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Once it is announced that he will not seek re-election, Biden and Democrats can focus, between now and the midterms, on the need for a sufficient majority in both houses to be able to complete their platform in the remaining two years.

The political hell of the Democrats

One can imagine the political hell that Democrats would plunge into if they had to submit, during Biden’s last two years in office, to Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Expect a wave of commissions of inquiry, into anything and everything, including the Democrats.

Through no fault of Biden, he was unable to carry out many of his plans. The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and its global economic repercussions have worked against it. And Democratic Senator Manchin and Cinema have a lot to do with this.

Coté positif de sa présidence, il faut être d’une reconnaissance sans borne à Biden pour avoir réussi de justesse à chasser de la Maison-Blanche l’odieux Trump qui a tenté par tous les moyens, rest y compris l’insurrection, de la’insurrection Can. He also strongly opposed China and Russia. His support for Ukraine is so exemplary that he is praised by Republicans.

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