Besancon. Science Festival, a meeting in which curiosity and passion discover science from another angle

Besancon.  Science Festival, a meeting in which curiosity and passion discover science from another angle

Discovering the world of science in its widest sense in a fun way is the theme of the Science Festival that will take place on the La Bouloie campus this weekend in Besançon. During these two afternoons open to the public, researchers, associations and representatives of the French Comte Museums will lead around thirty workshops and stands. “The idea is to make science accessible, to show that it can be fun and that we can have fun,” summarizes Magali Cabanas, science facilitator at Franche-Comté University. These workshops will without reservations be an opportunity to meet the actors of the world of science in a non-typical environment. “Researchers who are usually in laboratories will meet the public. The museums in this museum come in accessible formats,” notes Magali Cabanas.

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Accessible to as many people as possible

The Science Festival, designed to accommodate children from the age of six, aims to be friendly and accessible to as many people as possible. Games about mathematics, a workshop called “50 shades of green” dedicated to landscape development or even a meeting with researchers in geography. Lots of workshops to impress the curious as well as the enthusiast. “This makes it possible to take a tour of the local science quite easily,” defines the science medium. So all these activities will be grouped together on the La Bouloie campus in three different spaces. Among these, the observatory will be the subject of visiting the meridian but also observing the sun if the weather permits. The therapeutic building and student house will also be among the places where science will be celebrated.

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Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October – Laboulais Campus in Besançon, from 2 pm to 6 pm. free access.

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