belay. “Végétal ta science”, two-exhibition at Couvent

belay.  “Végétal ta science”, two-exhibition at Couvent

Two young artists, while awaiting the birth of their daughter, are exhibiting eighteen of their works until February 5, within the confines of the Abbey Bar/Belaye Panorama.

Both of them, who arrived in Lot two years ago (they have family ties in the area), give us an original exhibition executed as a duo. The boy Maxime Arnault, from the École des Beaux-Arts in Lorient, is responsible for providing silver portraits which his companion Charlotte Caramel (who attended Beaux-Arts in Limoges) enhances with drawings.

They titled their exhibition “Végétal ta science”. It is true that it is based on the theme of nature, more precisely on plants.

They justify their choice: “During the many explorations, we include plants and images; this browsing then allows us to bring out certain shapes, textures, and graphics by mixing different techniques and approaches to the image. We are particularly interested in the versatility and complexity of materials. The paintings reveal unchanging natural elements, and the drawings are The result of a passage from reality to fantasy and allows the possibility of dreaming.

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