Behavior Interactive will make a unique gift to the Museum of Fine Arts

Behavior Interactive will make a unique gift to the Museum of Fine Arts

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts was treated to a new brand addition to its collection, a gift from independent studio Behavior Interactive, which decided to celebrate its 30th anniversary in this way.

Featured Image: Interactive Behavior

The developer behind the franchise Died in broad daylightThe artist from Montreal invited Raphael Lozano Hammer for the occasion.

The latter created a digital work of 400,000 pixels, a solar simulation linked to a live image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and based on algorithms. The animation shows an episodic eclipse as the planets pass in front of the sun.

In short, we are talking here about an image that will never be the same and that allows you to admire the phenomena of space.

“I am thrilled to have this new work entered the Museum to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the behavior. This is a never-repeated animation of solar activity, created with algorithms familiar to video game programmers, such as Diffusion Interaction, Navir Stokes, Voronoi, and Perlin Noise, all powered by image change. received directly from NASA’s solar observatories. – Raphael Lozano Hemmer

The work, called Recurrent Anaximander, is named after the Greek philosopher Anaximander of Miletus, who first hypothesized that eclipses are caused by elements moving through space.

For now, everything is on display at the Behavior Interactive headquarters and will be moved to the Museum at a later time.

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