Beautiful Portuguese sardines with seagulls

Beautiful Portuguese sardines with seagulls

Thanks to the APCF, about 400 guests gathered to share these feasts and revive Lusitian culture and gastronomy.

Sunday, July 10, 400 guests, born in Portugal or with Portuguese ties, met in downtown Les Muelles. The Portuguese Cultural Association of Frontenian (APCF) organized its famous exhibition Saint-Jean-Sardenade.

Launched over fifteen years ago, it was at the Mouettes Leisure Center where the Lusitani community came together to share this traditional meal, grilled sardines, accompanied by their basic essentials. verdee sauce. The new president of the Asia Pacific Union, María José Alves, took over from Isabel Fiosa in organizing this major event.

“We are about forty volunteers to ensure the best welcome for everyone. Some traveled 200 km to participate in this festival. We brought 200 kg of sardines from Portugal. They are bigger in size and have a different flavour. They are perfect for sardines. This has been a very demanding event for three months. And it was a real challenge but such a relief to make people happy.”

About sardines being grilled efficiently by a dozen men, Portuguese is spoken, as is the various tents where banquet tables are pitched. Portuguese culture is important and fully integrated. Each of them knew how to preserve his roots and his language without imposing it but rather living it. Mayor Michel Laroui, who came to greet the organizers, tasted some sardines.

“Eating sardines like this, without fuss, is a culture in itself and it is a pleasure. Portuguese society is fully integrated into the Frontignan social fabric. And sharing a moment of its culture is a real pleasure. APCF contributes to the bonding community of the city and that is a good thing.”

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Continue the day about sea baths and games urgentPortuguese bowling. While waiting for the next gathering in November, where Caldo Verde And the roasted chestnuts will be in the spotlight in the Aire Room.

Portuguese Cultural Association Frontignan: 07 61 97 68 95.

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