“Beasts” Theo Jansen and Garonne were invited to the Bordeaux Arts Festival

FAB (Bordeaux Arts Festival) hits hard with “The Power of Nature”, Dutch artist and sculptor Theo Jansen and “Beach Monsters” on his 7 postere Editing. In addition, many creations and premieres, especially regional, promise great cultural events, mostly free, in the first two weeks of October.

Bordeaux International Arts Festival (FAB) begins its seventh editione edition, and this was supported by the city’s cultural roadmap, according to a speech by Dimitri Putlo during the presentation of the program. The deputy mayor in charge of creativity and cultural expression is pleased to see “a form more concerned with the regional dimension”.

What the event always emphasized in one form or another on a large part of the city’s communes. But this time, the relationship with the river was brought up better and the idea was praised with both hands Brigitte Bloch, Elect and Head of the Bordeaux Metropole Tourism and Convention Bureau. “There is no longer a river festival but we are handing it over to First Abu Dhabi Bank,” she stated during the same show.

The festival “the most supported” by the city and “one of the most important forms of financial support for the city” honors Garonne as a guest, just as the famous Dutch artist and sculptor Theo Jansen, father of the Strandbeests kinetic mobiles.

modern windmills

In Bordeaux, Theo Janssen will open on Saturday 1Verse October his first big exhibition in France (until 1Verse January 2023). In Town Hall Gardens, “Strandbeests, the New Generation” Dozens of his colossal statues that have floated around the world will collect their animation on the beaches of The Hague. Three of them will be installed in the north wing of the Museum of Fine Arts and can be manipulated by visitors.

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In the span of 25 years, this contemporary kinetic master has made about forty of these modern windmills with plastic tubes. His technology blends art, aeronautics, robotics, computer science and mathematics, not forgetting the poetic dimension. Only sadly, the Strandbiest will be motionless in Bordeaux, “far from where it lives”, and its graceful movements will be reserved for sandy beaches and the north wind (see video below).

After the wind fails to move them, the Strandbeests will be energized by the breath of the Bordeaux National Opera Choir. During the exhibition’s opening, he will present a composition by contemporary composer Arvo Pärt, under the direction of Salvatore Caputo.

The next day, Theo Janssen will give a lecture at Capc Sunday October 2 at 3 p.m. (Free with reservations).

cosmopolitan and intimate

As of October 16, the Federation of Exhibitions has submitted 23 artistic proposals, including 11 creations in 2022 and 6 preliminary performances. Among the 26 invited companies, 10 are international, 8 are national and 8 are regional. Theatre, dance, circus, music and many more hybrid performances and visual installations will invest 25 venues in the capital to present 210 shows, 145 of which are free.

Among the “firsts”, a pioneering creation of the Bordeaux-Aquitaine National Theater (TnBA): “For the wind to rise” By Catherine Marnas and Portuguese director Nuno Cardoso (4-8 October). Behind this seemingly revolutionary title, the dramatic trilogy Orestia It was rewritten by Iranian-born author Gorshad Shahiman. This invites us to reconsider the dominant and dominant relationships in this ancient work of Aeschylus. Interpretation prowess is the game between French and Portuguese carried by six representatives of Estba and six other Portuguese.

also a regional business, “When did you start” De flesh et d’os will welcome visitors one by one (so remember to book) October 5th to October 9th, from 10am to 8pm with departures every 15 minutes. Through this intimate installation, Camille Devilleroy and Caroline Mellon (former director of Chahuts Festival) spark the visitor’s curiosity to discover a pivotal moment in the lives of six residents of this quaint residence. The spectator is alone faced with the doubts and convictions of the love of several generations of women, in an empty but strangely unfamiliar house.

energy and meditation

Chilean choreographer Marcela Santander Corvalan also performs at FAB. “Bocas de Oro”, on October 6 and 7 at La Manufacture-CDCN, eagerly awaited. It is above all a return to Bordeaux for the co-artist who trained in contemporary dance in France and studied history in Italy. In this creation, you delve into the remnants of the Inca civilization in search of imaginative knowledge and give performers a ritual consisting of sexual arousal and energy.

Always in dance, CDCN factory is also welcome ” basic “A Dada clown show by Argentinian Eileen Parolin on October 13. And also the shows, on TnBA on October 14 and 15, “Any attempt will end in crushing corpses and smashed bones.”a fantastic 17 dancer dance form led by Belgian Jan Martins “well inspired” by the protest movements (Black Lives Matter, Yellow Vests, Youth for Climate…).

Pheuillus, the people of nature (DR)

more meditative, “Vilos” It inhabits both beaches, from Bordeaux to Bassins via Lourmont. One hundred peaceful characters are born from a botanical and transient world to meet humans. This installation by Occitan, Le Phun, will surprise by occupying the landscape, both natural and urban, throughout the festival, until it vanishes like a leaf leaving its tree in autumn.


There are so many other proposals to discover that it would be difficult to develop here. Opening Weekend (Saturday 1Verse On Sunday, October 2, it will host “Pigments” From CirkVOST, “root(s)” From L’Attraction investing four cities, and Volubilis with it “Olympic Panic – Fifth!” ». The latter will also lead an extraordinary performance in the city surrounding the project “Life is not sleeping”.

To add the popular concert “Ukrainian fire” Dakh Girls, Green Conference Show Whistler Preservation Society From Red Herring Productions, Incredible Performance “NEV” (Nègre en vente) by Guy-Régis Jr in collusion with the Musée d’Aquitaine, Cartoon Participatory Massive Building With Olivier Grossetête and Bâtisses Soeurs celebrating the bicentenary of the stone bridge, it is not to be missed under any circumstances.

Regional company l’MRGée also offers innovation with surprised. The Thai theater scene calls itself The father of this song used to sing (three days in May) by For What Theatre, and Les Chiens De Navarre, who are also locals, are back with a very crazy vibe life is a party. Finally, we found the Pola Factory for The Toy Party and the Fab shutdown. Note that Narteste has been canceled and postponed until further notice.

On the professional front, on FAB / OARA Day in Méca, Lebanese Charbel Samuel Aoun presents “Mud, Wood and the City”, a film made during his stay at First Abu Dhabi Bank in 2021. For the first time this year, the First Abu Dhabi Bank welcomes the National Forum of Festivals that will be presented The question of the role of festivals in environmental issues.

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