Battle League announces free updates with Daisy as summer signature

Tito Florin complied. Sorry, we meant Uncle Nintendo. The company promised free updates for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football and started delivering. The first recruits for the Next Level Games will be Daisy (whose absence in the pursuit of Estela is a constant in the latest plumbing) and Shy Guy. Both will come from the hand of a new shield and a new scenario: Desert Ruins.

Nintendo showed off DLC (we’re repeating it completely for free) in a new trailer where we see all its content in action. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football users will be able to download it starting July 21.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Updates

Daisy will be adding more characters, skins, modes, and stages very soon. As with Mario Tennis Aces and many other Nintendo sports stories, the company intends to support it in the coming months. In the past, it’s been doing it for a year, and even now with Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, it’ll be doing it for at least the next 6 months. Two more updates have already been confirmed before the end of 2022:

In the Netcost analysis, where Mario Strikers: Battle League Football got an 8, we commented that, unfortunately, the worst thing about the game is that “something rarely happens in the content, both in the styles and in the items that are unlocked. We are missing out on more variety and challenges. And the secrets are more than we’ve seen in the saga itself and other Mario sports.We’ll see if these updates are reflected.

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