Bao: A Portuguese supermarket will open in May opposite Auchan

This store, which sells Portuguese products, should open “in the first half of May,” as Jao Campos, the brand’s president, points out.

The 380 square meter shop, which is currently in the process of being renovated, will occupy between six and seven people to start its business. The figure that will change depending on the volume of business achieved and attendance, the director of the company determines.

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domestic demand

Campos is already established in Toulouse, Corbel-Essonne and Lille. “Based on our experience as a wholesaler with associations and restaurants, we realized that there is demand in the metropolitan area of ​​Pau but also in Tarbes and Lourdes,” tells Jao Campos, whose warehouse in Toulouse already delivers establishments. pau.

On its shelves, the store will present 3,000 references of typical products of the main Portuguese national brands (cheese, frozen foods, pastries, cod, drinks, charcuterie, etc.). “There will also be a selection of 250 wines and a catering section with the famous Chicken en Craboden. In short, enough to ensure that customers find a little bit of Portugal in Pau,” adds the president.

The Campos chain is the result of the acquisition by Jao Campos and his partner of Mondexport in 2013. After the company’s development phase with the creation of Nosso and Campos stores (total sales of 43 million), the two entrepreneurs decided to chart their own course. Jao Campos retains control of four eponymous stores that currently employ approximately 70 people. The group is already fueling other inaugural projects and aims to reach 100 employees.

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