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Near the island, the exceptionally large presence of cetaceans attracts tourists and asks researchers who place beacons on mammals, which makes it possible to analyze their migration to the Antarctic.

Palin fans are confused. Why, since June, have dozens of humpback whales been blowing continuous hot springs just a few meters from Reunion’s western beaches? Why is the horizon cut into countless black and white “Vs”, these caudal fins erected by stately sea monsters weighing 30 tons and about fifteen meters before diving in? Last year, only thirteen whales were sighted off the island. This year, scientists hope to count 300 cetaceans by October, at least through 2017 and 2018. whale watching, Locally it has become a tourist attraction, but it remains a mystery. “We hope to understand the reason for this random presence that raises many hypotheses”, Smiles Violaine Dulau, Director of Globice, a reunionary NGO dedicated to whale knowledge and conservation. Global warming and melting ice in Antarctica, where humpback whales live in the Southern Hemisphere, can explain the discrepancy in migratory waves: Megaptera novaeangliae – Their scientific name – they usually travel more than 6000 km, between June and October, to reach the tropical waters of Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte, but also …

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