Azuro – Matthieu Rozé Brilliantly Copes With Duras In A Sunny And Sensual Film

Azuro – Matthieu Rozé Brilliantly Copes With Duras In A Sunny And Sensual Film

In his first film as a director, actor Mathieu Roset, a young former and promising first man of the 1990s (La neige et le feu by Claude Binotto) faces a bold, ambitious but successful challenge: change on screen. Little horses of Tarquinia By Marguerite Duras, the story of her holidays with friends in a village on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The Azuro Plot, which hits theaters on Wednesday, March 30th, in Italy, by the sea. A hot, hot summer where one slides relentlessly toward a certain weakness that turns into hibernation.

Heat soothes bodies but not desire. Pierre and Sarah (Yannick Schurt and Valerie Donzelli) embody an established couple, the parents of two children, one of whom is young, with whom the mother maintains a very close relationship.

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With their friends, a couple and one woman, they spend holidays where boredom is the key word, before the appearance of this man, the owner of the boat, who then becomes the center of all attention, the object of Sarah’s desire.

Quickly, that dazzling summer, the blue of the sea, the sky, the bright sun, the stifling heat we don’t get on our seat.

This bright decor coupled with the very bright soundtrack of Kid Francescoli, a solar electric music not far from Kristoff’s pieces, gives the whole, after a somewhat frustrating start, a whole that is pleasing to all the senses.


With such a successful adaptation and more accessibility than some of the other films that have recently adapted Duras, Matthieu Rozé delivers A sunny and sensual movie.

We love the story of frustrated desires that takes shape thanks to a cheerful cast, whose director we met a couple of months ago in Bronn wanted it to be as surprising as it is incongruous.

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His film brings together a cast of actors who seem happy to be a part of the adventure: Valerie Donzelli, Yannick Choirat, and Portugal’s Nuno Lopez (which we saw in easy girl by R. Zlotowski), Thomas Scimeca, Florence Loiret Caille…

From then on, we vacillate between this deep desire and the vision of a couple of impressive maturity.

Special mention to Yannick Choirat, an actor who has seen very little in cinema, giving us a rather impressive performance.

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