Asobo license will soon be converted into a TV series

Asobo license will soon be converted into a TV series

We haven’t finished hearing about Amecia and Hugo, a hero Plague tale. In addition to the second episode planned for this year, the borderlais license will also have the right to adapt it for the TV series. The information appeared earlier today on Screen Total’s website. The series is produced by Matthew Toureformer assistant manager at Inglourious Basterds At work on his first horror movie. Asobo teams have chosen to work with French productions, explained Fabrice Renault, president of the company producing the series:

It is essential for me that our works reflect French talent and know-how. A Plague Tale is a game designed by Asobo in Bordeaux and produced with a company based in Paris; Its creators had the opportunity to sell the modification in the United States, but they preferred to work with the French: I want to restore that confidence in them.

The richness of the game world, a French kingdom struggling against the Black Death of 1348, as well as the nature of the relationship between the two game protagonists provide an ideal setting for such an adaptation. Following in the footsteps of other titles on the small screen, we think of it naturally Hello So we can count on the duo of young adventurers with both the controller and the remote at hand.

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