Artificial intelligence can make a science fiction movie

– Tatiana Shepeleva /

Without training in cinema or artificial intelligence, entrepreneur Fabian Stelzer makes a movie made entirely of videos created by artificial intelligence. explanations.

This German tech entrepreneur is producing a science fiction movie in the style of the 70s saltThis movie will feature synthetic voices, excluding voices Fabian Stelzer. Generative models will also create images and sound effects.

This movie seems to focus on space travelers who encounter a planet with strange salt flowers. “I really want to have a ‘Director’s Cut’ at some point, or ‘Community Cut’, but the real goal is to move beyond the medium of film into something new”Fabian Stelzer said. “I want to allow everyone in the community to use a form that allows them to write their own scenes.”

Product added: “We are about to enter a new era. To me, it is just as important as the invention of photography, and, to be honest, perhaps as important as the invention of writing.” Using software such as DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney, it eventually generates movie images and sound by entering accurate text descriptions.

Is artificial intelligence the future of cinema?

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