Artie paints a picture of science fiction master Isaac Asimov

Artie paints a picture of science fiction master Isaac Asimov

Inspired by several archives, the fifty-minute painting dedicated to Isaac Asimov by director Matthias Terry delves into the writer’s work, revealing one of these key messages: Humanity cannot waste its financial and emotional resources on endless, meaningless struggles. »

where are you going ?”

Isaac Asimov’s face appears from a video tape swallowed by an old video recorder. Recreated by artificial intelligence, his image presents a message intended to be a testament, built from excerpts from conferences, books, introductions, articles, interviews and personal letters he produced between 1950 and 1989.

Isaac Asimov. The Strange Testament of the Father of Robots. art.

In 1923, Isaac Asimov was 3 years old when his parents emigrated from Russia to the United States. A compulsive reader, young Isaac devours the comic books his father sells at a New York kiosk. Having become a Doctor of Biochemistry, having devoted himself to university teaching, he retired to his library. Objective: to answer the question, where are you going ? »

To achieve this, he published more than five hundred books: science fiction novels and short stories, as well as works on popular science. Author of three major fiction cycles – EstablishmentAnd the robots And the empire – , Isaac Asimov imagined what our future, often near and far, could look like.

Isaac Asimov. The wondrous commandment of the father of robots. art.

From September 28, Arte presents a science fiction cycle in the form of a dive into the visionary works of the great literary genre writers: George Orwell, Aldous Huxley or even Philip K. rooster.

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Visual credits: Aarti

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