Are PS4 and Xbox One versions canceled? new rumors

Are PS4 and Xbox One versions canceled?  new rumors

The once-respected Need For Speed ​​saga has been a shadow of what it once was for a few years, and every new episode over the past 10 years has been blowing hard and cold. The last episode dates back to 2019 and the next episode is eagerly awaited. If we know that Criterion Games studio is working on it, the development was delayed due to Battlefield 2042 that called up many studios for a boost, and the result was disappointing, we remind you. If Electronic Arts remains extremely cautious about Need For Speed ​​2022, a few insiders like Jeff Grubb have decided to release some information, to be put into condition of course. It’s really marking his passing.”Grubbsnax “The journalist claims that he knows that the game will see the light of day this year, in November 2022 to be exact. He also specified that it will be an episode dedicated exclusively to the next generation of PS5 and Xbox Series consoles (in the addition of the PC of course), as the releases of Grubbsnax have been cancelled. PS4 and Xbox One altogether. In terms of pitch, Jeff Grubb brought Miami, or something, but he doesn’t seem confident. Wet tracks at night and next to the Underground, let’s rather wait for more solid or official info to start talking affirmatively.

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