Arc Graphics 101.4255, Intel driver for Resident Evil 4 Remake

Intel announces a new driver for Arc graphics cards iGPU. In fact, the company just released the Arc GPU Graphics Driver in build 101.4255. In addition to some fixes, we find basic support for Resident Evil 4 remake.

Resident Evil 4 remake : Game supported by Intel driver 101.4255!

With this new driver, Intel is basically attacking the release remake Game Resident Evil 4. The company is doing this by providing support for this new Capcom website title. Other than that, there are some performance improvements for Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel or Counter Strike Global Office to graphics processing units bow l laptop. Same software topo, Intel improves performance Submission of D5 And mixer in Material preview in fashion port view.

We also find some patches, always divided into several categories. Thus the tag corrects:

  • graphics processing units Arch :
    • Develop corruption concerns standard on Conqueror blade in DirectX 11.
    • problems accidents on the gate with ray tracing In Vulkan mode when uploading to a file Play.
  • iGPU From Cory:
    • Lagging or freezing issues in Overwatch 2 when running the game in DirectX 12.
    • accidents Call of duty modern warfare 2 in DirectX 12 while formatting Play.
  • Arc control:
    • Capture mode in Arc Control Studio will use the correct codec selected: AVC when selected, not HEVC.
    • Use sliders To return to default settings works. You don’t have to use ” Reset to default ” For this.

Of course, we still find a very long list of known issues. Hoping this can be fixed in time.

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Here is the latest driver from Intel!

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