APT Hungarian Open – Favorite Comes First

Tuesday is coming to a close in Budapest and Padel Club Bravos. The favorite pairs of these sixteen won easily for some and with great difficulty for others.

The road doesn’t matter

The most intense match of the day was between Oliveira and Pascual of Portugal against Salandro and De Beni. The Italian duo of previas surprised everyone with an effective game that allowed them to seriously hurt the Portuguese. Miguel Oliveira and Vasco Pascual finally and miraculously came out in a third, neutral group.

Earlier today, Maxime Moreau and Reles Ferreira dominated Argañaras/Gutierrez in a near-perfect match between the French-Argentine duo.

Hungarian APT Open – Moro / Ferreira in the Round of 16!

Chosas / Igea or Restevo / Ramos won easily.

All results Tuesday

Juan Pablo Dib / Matias del Moral 3-6 / 7-5 / 7-6 Matias Gonzalez / Evo Andenmaten

Release Ferreira / Maxim Moro 6-3/7-6 Juan Manuel Arganaras / Matthias Gutierrez

Alex Valentino Chozas / Pablo Nicholas Igea 6-0 / 6-2 Gonzalo Sasano / Fabricio Peron

yand restivo / Diego Ramos 6-2 / 6-0 Gabor Borsus / Laszlo Emery

Miguel Fonseca Oliveira / Vasco Pascual 3-6 / 6-3 / 6-4 Mauro Agustin Salandro / Julian America de Beni

Antonio Los / Jose Luis Gonzalez 6-3/6/3 Joachim Florence Hernandez / Marc Mon Cuevas

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Hungarian APT Open

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