Apple will separate the “My Photo Stream” functionality this summer

Apple will separate the “My Photo Stream” functionality this summer

Apple will disconnect the serviceMy photo streamon July 26, 2023. No one would blame you for forgetting this functionality existed, which opened in 2011 on the heels of iCloud: It lets you sync your 1,000 most recent photos (or 30 days) between all of its iOS and macOS devices as well as with Apple TV This photo stream has since been replaced by the more efficient and effective iCloud Photo Library.

However, one major difference between Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library is that the former does not use iCloud storage. For their part, every photo stored in iCloud Photo Library bites the storage envelope and this can quickly exceed the 5GB of free supply.

From this summer, however, we won’t have the choice between one or the other, since on July 26th the photo stream will stop (help sheet). But the last users of this function will feel the breath of the ball and chain for a long time, because the uploading of new photos to My Photo Stream will stop from June 26, that is, a month early.

Apple determines that all photos uploaded to this service prior to this date will remain in iCloud for 30 days from the date of upload. It will still be available on all devices with the feature enabled. ” On July 26, 2023, there will be no photos left in iCloud and the service will stop Apple completes.

Photos on the service are already stored on at least one device, and they won’t be gone forever. As long as you have the device with the assets The manufacturer recommends backing up photos that are not on any of the devices, and activating iCloud Photo Library.

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Last year, Apple added a novelty in photo sharing: iCloud Shared Photo Library, which allows 6 people to have one shared photo library.

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