Apple Watch SE 2022 review: Smooth delivery

A watch capable of climbing Everest and swimming with sharks, is that superfluous for you? In contrast to the bold Apple Watch Ultra, Apple is revamping the Apple Watch SE, a model focused on everyday life and aimed specifically at a non-novice audience.

With the due retirement from Series 3, it has becomeThe second generation of Apple Watch SE It is very strategically located for the entry level, starting from €299. Apple’s “SE” device is less the sum of the novelties than the sum of the perks. Is this acceptable? The answer is in our test of the Apple Watch SE 2022.

The second generation of Apple Watch SE

Production turns its back on habits

We take the same thing and start over. This is the doctrine that Apple applies to the overall design of its SE products. The new Apple Watch SE is based on SE for 2020which in turn was based on the Series 4. To be clear, the Apple Watch SE 2022 has a 40 or 44 mm aluminum body and a 1.57 inch or 1.73 inch screen which, unlike Series 5 and later, doesn’t always stay on.

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