Apple wants to get rid of Dark Sky for Weather, but it’s not that easy

Apple wants to get rid of Dark Sky for Weather, but it’s not that easy

Apple just released it New support document Where you can find some tips for switching from Dark Sky to Weather. The first of these was a relatively popular weather client on iOS, which Apple would eventually acquire before closing its doors. The service will be permanently deactivated within two weeks. As for the second, it is the original solution of Cupertino with more or less the same value and is automatically installed on the iPhone And iPad now.

The problem is that not everyone really appreciates this maneuver. In fact, many Dark Sky users continue to lament some of the features not available with Weather. This is especially the case in the case of the complexity of the Apple Watch with weather conditions and temperature. others appreciation Moreover, sometimes, Apple is wrong and does not provide the correct information in real time…

Almost everything you need to stay alert

however, Weather remains a fairly effective solution To stick to the weather or what it will be like outside. Using the app, for example, you can get estimates for the next 10 days, which can be a huge help in knowing how to pack your bag before leaving on a trip. Several key data are included, such as humidity, barometric pressure, and wind speed.

With this, on the iPhone, the weather can be tracked Several cities at once With custom animations depending on the color of the sky or precipitation. From the settings it is also possible to request to receive notifications in case of heavy rain to prepare yourself accordingly.

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Other free apps to discover

If the weather does not suit you, you can also return to it Islands weather It is a free app and has the advantage of having a connected watch client. With compatibility as a bonus live activities So you don’t miss the weather out of your Dynamic Island On iPhone 14 Pro and on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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