Apple Maps: It’s now possible to find a parking spot more easily

Apple Maps: It’s now possible to find a parking spot more easily

Apple’s Navigation app can now display information about parking at a particular destination and find a parking spot more easily. The feature is currently only available in the US and Canada but will soon arrive in France.

Apple has just launched a useful new feature in the Maps app for its users in the US and Canada. They can now display parking information at more than 8,000 North American locations, thanks to a new partnership with SpotHero.

Thus, the parking platform provides Apple device holders with many options to easily find and reserve a parking space at a particular location.

Park easier thanks to the maps

Concretely, the new parking functionality in Maps allows users of the app to access parking information at or around a specific destination. It is also possible to add filters such as a charging station for electric vehicles or access for people with reduced mobility.

But that’s not all because Plans also lets you reserve a paid parking spot before you get to your destination, which is enough to ensure you’ll find a parking spot once you arrive. Reservations are made directly on the SpotHero website without leaving Apple’s navigation app.

apple spothero charts

To do this, simply enter a location in Maps, click the More button, and select the parking lot. You are automatically taken to the SpotHero website to find an available parking space at the address entered, but without leaving the exact Maps application Mac rumors. This new Parking tool will be available on the Mac version of Maps soon, following an agreement between SpotHero and Apple to bring the functionality to macOS.

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The advantage of the new Apple partner is the large database, especially parking lots near popular gathering places such as concert halls and stadiums.

However, the new feature is currently only available in the US and Canada, like most of Apple’s new products. It is very likely that we will have it in France soon, but we will have to wait until the end of the year, or even next year. In any case, it will give a huge advantage over Google Maps, its great competitor, which only offers to save your parking location to easily find your way back to your car.

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