Apple gives us a date on March 8 to ‘start performing on stage’

Apple gives us a date on March 8 to ‘start performing on stage’

Mark Gorman was right! A Bloomberg journalist, who has always been well informed of what Apple has been preparing behind the scenes, has predicted that the Cupertino giant will hold its first inaugural address of the year on March 8, and it’s now official. There is even a slogan, as usual, promising that the performance will take the stage.

A short sentence that raises many questions, especially those related to knowing what you are suggesting…
If the Bloomberg reporter is right, we should be entitled to a new one iPhoneSEIts design has not changed, but it is compatible with 5G. iPads may be at their peak with the updateiPad Air, which has not been seen since October 2020.

But rumors are above all another part that can justify this sentence. In fact, it could be That Apple dedicates a little time to one or more Macs to mark this first keyword of the year. It could be a new Mac mini or a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Machines that could be equipped with the expected M2, the new generation of Apple Silicon chips.

Will it be one of those two Macs or an iMac? It’s hard to tell. It must be said that we are confused, between the latest Macs still under the Intel processor, and the first updates for those who were the first to ship the M1s.

See also the video:

Anyway, the fact that the announcement wasn’t made last night, as it should have been regarding the giant’s habits, made it to be believed that the event had been postponed.

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It must be said that the Ukrainian context is not the most favorable for this kind of technological celebration. However, Apple launched its own “invitations”. This year’s first meeting, filmed in the heart of Apple Park, will be broadcast from 7 p.m. French time on Tuesday, March 8.

Obviously, you’ll be able to follow all Apple’s announcements live on 01net, and find our articles ad by announcement and our analysis on the evening of March 8th and in the following days.

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