Anxiety and depression: the ultra-processed foods in question

Ultra-processed foods are convenient, inexpensive, quick to prepare or ready to eat, and therefore well suited to our Western lifestyles. However, they result from industrial preparations and processed food formulations (oils, fats, sugars, starch, and protein isolates) and ultimately contain little or no whole foods. The physical, biological, and chemical processes that resulted in food products rendered deficient in original and natural foods but rich in aromas, colourings, emulsifiers, and other toxic additives.

Link between eating highly processed food and mental health

the study This association was evaluated on a representative sample of the general population. Specifically, the researchers assessed in 10,359 participants their levels of depression and anxiety and the number of days they had poor mental health. The analysis concludes that,

  • Participants who ate large amounts of ultra-processed foods had more negative mental health symptoms, including depression, anxiety, and mood disorders;
  • These participants reported more “anxiety” and “poor mental health” days.

The results are generalizable Countries whose Western diets feature similar intakes of ultra-processed foods stress the full importance of food for mental health and offer new illustration alimentary canal axis.

  • Beyond that, we should not hide its effects on metabolic health of course “Ultra-processed foods deplete their nutritional value and increase calories, sugar, saturated fat and salt, while reducing protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.” Adds lead author Dr. Eric Hecht, Associate Professor at FAU’s Schmidt School of Medicine.

Given the magnitude of exposure and the effects of consuming ultra-processed foods, the study has specific clinical and public health implications.

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