Another hurricane rushes into this popular tourist area for Quebecers

The very active hurricane season continues in the Pacific with the formation of the 19th system Thursday. Called Rosslyn, the latter is expected to continue to build up throughout the day, becoming the 10th hurricane in this region.

future effects

The system currently surrounds the west coast of Mexico, and is supposed to make landfall overnight from Saturday to Sunday, not far from Puerto Vallarta. Winds in excess of 150 km/h are expected when they arrive, because Roslin will then be a Category 2. These powerful storms can generate gale storms. In turn, this can lead to coastal flooding, as well as damage to the electrical grid.

In addition, precipitation can reach 200 mm in some places. All this accumulated water will increase the risks of landslides and flash floods for certain sectors.

ROSLYN2 - Predicting rain (1)

A second violent regime in less than a month

Roslin’s path is no different from Hurricane Orlin’s path. The former regime struck Jalisco at the beginning of October. Orlin’s arrival then led to the closure of many schools along the west coast of Mexico. The ports of Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta had to be closed to ships.

ROSLYN4 - ORLENE Comparison (1)

‘fruitful’ season

Without a doubt, the Pacific Basin has been very active in terms of systems compared to the Atlantic Basin. Already, the average named storms this year have been exceeded. Moreover, it is not excluded that other systems will appear in the coming weeks. The only positive point so far is that the number of major hurricanes has remained below average.

But with hurricane season officially ending on November 30, there is still the possibility that one of these “monsters” could destabilize the calm on the West Coast.

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