Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: This tender homage to her husband in C à vous (ZAPTV)

Anne Elizabeth Lemoine is a complete woman. The facilitator who takes the reins It’s up to you on me France 5 Since September 2017, she is also the mother of two sons named Arthur and Vasco. Since June 2012, she Married to architect Philip Coelho. The PAF star has already been entrusted several times to the couple, in the press. “At home, when we’re watching a documentary with my husband, he’s tired, because I’m pressing pause all the time to take notes!” , She said in columns Tele-Leisure Monday, May 30, 2022. A few years ago, in December 2019, she said in an interview with Paris Match : “When the show starts, he takes care of the kids. He’s an architect, and he also works quite a bit. And often, after dinner, we both go back to work. Hard evenings! “

“My husband remembers…”

On Friday, June 10, 2022, Anne Elizabeth Lemoine spoke about her husband on set It’s up to you. And for good reason, Philip Coelho helped her set up the day’s program dedicated to Portuguese dignitaries. “We wondered if It’s up to you It was a Portuguese show, so what could it be called. Suggest to my husbandprovoke“”And the She slipped. Then, when singer Tony Carrera anchored his career, the host paused: “Your first album, my husband remembers it. Quote me the song “Portuguese Summer” in French.

And guest back: “Is your husband Portuguese?” What Anne Elizabeth Lemoine responded to with humor: “Yes, he’s Portuguese, otherwise we wouldn’t be here to say things frankly.” A little later on the talk show, the mother of the family referred to her husband, introducing the comedian to an imposter. “In a moment, beside you, dear friends, On the idea of ​​the Portuguese, comedian who makes the entire Portuguese community in France laugh heartily, by their dialect caricature when they speak French…” A beautiful way to pay tribute to his dear country and giving…

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