Angry at her husband, she threw her chihuahua out of a third floor window

Angry at her husband, she threw her chihuahua out of a third floor window

An English woman from Rochester, a city east of London, England, could face up to 5 years in prison for killing her partner’s Chihuahua by throwing her from the third floor, in a fit of rage.

Kylie Smee, 33, allegedly screamed “You can take your cute dog with you” before throwing Prince, her partner’s 8-year-old chihuahua, from the third floor, causing her death, according to “The Mirror” on Wednesday.

In December 2021, an altercation reportedly broke out between the couple after they returned from a bar. It was when the man’s 30th wife, Ryan Doe, had left to apologize to the neighbors that she was going to yell at him for taking the dog with him, to drive away the poor beast.

After a 30-foot fall — about 9 metres — the Chihuahua had broken his neck, British media continued. At the time, she was in an abusive relationship and “a lot was going on in her life,” said defense attorney John Connor.

If the accused initially denied the facts, she would have ended up pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the dog before her trial, which was to be heard on Tuesday, began.

The woman, a mother of two, could face a maximum sentence of five years in prison for her crime. Sentencing is expected on July 10.

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