And the best hour is? …

And the best hour is?  …

Since we have been asked the question thousands of times and because it is not easy to choose between these two best in range, of the two most popular models at the moment, we bought a copy of each before trusting one. Our journalists who tested them in the field for months. Autonomy, navigation, GPS, comfort, handling, ease of use … Browse it all. Here are his conclusions, in complete independence. Garmin or Suunto? What do you prefer when it comes to outfitting yourself with a GPS watch? Each of these brands has its fans — a matter of use but also sometimes of taste — and it’s true that these two little brands of technology outshine the Apple Watch, most outdoor enthusiasts would agree. However, they don’t always deliver the same performance, as our journalist saw during his testing of their premium models. Namely, the Fenix ​​7X Sapphire Solar from Garmin (about 900 euros) and the 9 Peak Pro from Suunto (about 500 euros). How did our test go? I wore the Garmin Fenix ​​every day for three months nonstop, training for a big gravel race. Then I adopted Suunto for two months. I’ve used them indoors, during outings running, riding my bike, and finally during a long weekend of ski touring. As a trekking enthusiast, I tested both models in all weather conditions. I should add that I wore it day and night in order to keep track of my sleep, activities, calories burned, and the number of steps I took. Finally, since I could not tell which was better, I wore both watches at the same time for the past three weeks in order to objectively determine which one was, in my opinion, the most accurate and most comfortable to wear…

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