An interstellar meteorite has already crashed into Earth, as confirmed by the US Space Force

In a press release issued on Thursday, April 7, the US Space Command (USSC) confirmed that a meteor interstellar crash Land In 2014. Until then, this information was classified as confidential by this branch of pentagonalas mentioned before HuffPost.

The fiery meteor was observed at that time in the sky of Papua New Guinea. She was going to finish her race in the South Pacific. Our colleagues determined that two other interstellar objects were identified by scientists, in 2017 and 2019. The first, named Oumuamua, was part of a planet from another solar system. The second was comet Borisov.

Search the sea floor for shards

According to researchers, the interstellar meteorite that collided with Earth in 2014 exploded near Manus Island on January 8. According to their information, its speed at that time was 130,000 miles per hour. From now on, scientists wish to be able to search the sea floor far from Papua New Guinea In order to recover and analyze some parts.

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A project, however, has little chance of success. It was already possible that the fireball that fell eight years ago was shattered into small pieces. According to scientists, the discovery of a part is very exciting because it will provide a glimpse into the worlds that hide behind our Milky Way.

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