An impending breakthrough towards urban cultures

Undoubtedly to the dismay of its boss Jean-François Chaugnet, former director of the Berardo Museum in Lisbon and Les Soville in the heart, Mucem is hosting a Portuguese festival this weekend. Created in 2016 by street art artist Whils, the Iminente Festival dedicated to urban cultures in Lisbon is stopping for the first time in Marseille, marking the 2022 France-Portugal season, in which it incorporates rich programming. If Marseilles is approached as the closest to the ‘capital of the sea’ for Eminente to put his bags there, he’ That there are “bridges” between Lisbon and Marseille ‘, explains Lisbon Festival Director, Carla Cardoso. These are two multicultural cities, facing the sea and maintaining a very strong relationship with urban cultures, particularly with hip-hop music. »

After traveling to London, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro, envisioned as a sort of festival “best”, this relay will feature many French and Portuguese artists, mostly emerging, who are investing in music, dance, performance as well as the visual arts.

Mix of genres

and crossbreeding

Seven guest artists have captured the architecture of Fort Saint-Jean to present works on site, to which a live performance by French-American graffiti artist John One will be added Friday at 9 p.m. As for concerts, four stages will bring together musicians and DJs on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 May, from Place d’armes to Blackbox, via the J4 balcony to the Cour de la Commande. Undoubtedly, the program promises unique discoveries: from a new fado concert to rap in Marseille, from Cape Verde punk rock to Algerian rai, the opening will be just fine. Philosophy: In Iminente, there is no “headline”: ” We always try to put the “great” artists and those less famous, or novices, on the same level, so that the first can stand out from the second. Carla Cardoso points out. As the objective of this cultural encounter, ” from To discover the unknown aspects of our two countries’ artistic creativity and forge connections that we hope will continue beyond this cross season. This is confirmed by the Commissioner-General of the French Part of France and Portugal 2022, Victoire Bidgin de Rosa.

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Programming at

Friday 20 & Saturday 21 May, rates from 15 to 20 Euro, ticket office on site at the entrance to Fort Saint-Jean.

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