An asteroid will pass near Earth on December 15 – La Nouvelle Tribune

An asteroid will pass near Earth on December 15 – La Nouvelle Tribune

The blue planet will be threatened by an asteroid very soon. According to press reports, that is 2015 RN35, an asteroid that will pass near Earth, on Thursday morning, December 15, 2022. According to its orbit, the convergence between the asteroid and Earth will occur exactly at 9:12 am, French time. Moreover, the moment can only be seen through telescopes. Also, it will simply be visible from the southern hemisphere of the globe. However, the European Space Agency (ESA) insisted that this convergence would be visible using 30 cm telescopes.

An asteroid was discovered 4 hours before it crashed

Note that information on the 2015 RN35 comes several days after researchers from Catalina Sky Survey Discover an asteroid 4 hours before it hits Earth. The impact occurred on November 19, 2022 between the lake Erie affiliate United States of America and the lake Ontarioto me Canada. Numerous information has been received about the asteroid, in particular by the media Minor Planet Centre. The diameter of the celestial body is 1 meter, depending on the location NumeramaIt crashed without causing any damage.

“Exactly at the appointed time, the asteroid re-entered the atmosphere, becoming a bright fireball in the sky, above the announced location. The early detection and monitoring of this asteroid demonstrates our ever-increasing ability to warn us of even the smallest of collisions.”, European Space Agency, European Space Agency. As a reminder, the galactic astronomer spotted an asteroid before it fell to Earth Krisztian SarneczkyMarch 11, 2022. At that time, it was about 5e Discover an asteroid in history in order to predict its impact.

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