AMD Ryzen 7000 processors will support DDR5-5200 . memory

AMD Ryzen 7000 processors will support DDR5-5200 . memory

Reviews from Apacer also confirm the lack of DDR4 support.

Memory support for the next AMD Ryzen 7000 processors has been talking about for several months now. Earlier this year, there was talk of a predefined overclocking profile technology called RAMP, short for Ryzen Accelerated Memory Profilewhich can also be set by The term EXPO, for Extended profiles for overclocking. On the other hand, two weeks ago, Joseph Tau, Memory Enable Manager At AMD, he said that Ryzen 7000 will emphasize memory overclocking. Unfortunately, the individual did not provide any value. momomo_us retrieved a document from Apacer to answer this question: It mentions DDR5-5200 memory support by default.

This is slightly better than Intel Alder Lake processors because the latter officially supports DDR5-4800. However, unlike Intel processors, the following AMD processors will skip DDR4: The new AM5 platform will be exclusive to DDR5.

CPU-Z supports Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Rembrandt / Raphael processors

Zn 4 and 5 nanometers

The Ryzen 7000 processors It is expected from the second half of 2022. These chips will benefit from the Zen 4 CPU architecture and 5nm pattern. In addition to DDR5 memory, it marked the beginning of support for the PCIe 5.0 interface on AMD’s consumer desktop platforms.

generation Matisse Vermeer Vermeer-X3D Raphael Granite Ridge
AMD Ryzen Series Ryzen 3000 Ryzen 5000 Ryzen 5000X3D Ryzen 7000 Ryzen 8000
launch date July 2019 November 2020 April 2022 Chapter Two 2022 2023
CPU engineering 7 nm Zen 2 7 nm Zen 3 7 nm Zen3D 5 nm Zen4 Zain 5
iGPU architecture 4 RDNA2 حساب computation units to select
Max number of cores CPU 16 16 16 16 to select
Plug AM4 AM4 AM4 AM5 AM5
Memory media DDR4 DDR4 DDR4 DDR5 DDR5
PCIe Gen PCIe Gen4 PCIe Gen4 PCIe Gen4 PCIe Gen5 PCIe Gen5
Max TDP 105 W 105 W 105 W 170 watts to select
Slices AMD 400 AMD500 AMD500 AMD 600 to select
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